2 feet, 10 fingers, 1 voice. These are all Dead Bird Lady needs to suspend time.

Coming from both alternative and folkloric influences, this multi-instrumentalist meticulously chooses her weapons of choice: the mandolin, the guitar, the violin, the autoharp, or simply her voice to accompany her on stage. As a solo act, that she delivers a music tinted with emotions and memories. Through bewitching and dreamy melodies, you may hear in the distance the echo of artists such as Fleet Foxes, Florence Welsh, Villagers, or Andrew Bird.

And what about this name? Dead Bird Lady’s tale is a long story involving an old Icelandic house, a stuffed ptarmigan and emotional reconstruction. Dead Bird Lady is Laura’s alter-ego, the one who dares sing all her secrets out loud.

Her eclectic inspirations come from the 70’s rock she grew up with, to the Latin-American folklore of her roots, her Icelandic artistic encounters, as well as a few musical shocks such as Kate Bush, Keziah Jones, Grizzly Bear, The Cranberries and Divine Comedy: authentic artists with a distinctive macrocosm. It’s this musical courage and integrity that she’ll keep at the core of her Dead Bird Lady project: cathartic compositions that won’t leave your mind.

After the project’s creation in Iceland back in 2017, the singer-songwriter is currently working on her first EP between Paris and Reykjavík.

The first single ”February” is available now everywhere.